The Winners

1st Prize - Luca Ricci - score title: Transitori Permanenti

Born in Piacenza, he graduated in flute and composition, respectively at the Conservatory of Parma, and at the Conservatory of Piacenza. His works have been performed in Milan, either at the Museo del Novecento or at the Festival 5 Giornate, and at the Primavera di Baggio.

Second Prize - Carmelo Bongiovanni - score title: Colors

Born in Reggio Calabria, he graduated with top marks in composition at Vibo Valentia. He is also an arranger and a conductor. He made his debut at the Teatro Cilea in Reggio Calabria and at the Festival di Maggio. He is currently completing his studies in composition at the Conservatory of Parma.

3rd Prize - Lin Sen - score title: Autumn

Graduated in composition at the Conservatory of Shenyang, China, he attended a master's degree at the School of Music in Weimar, Germany. He taught Composition, Harmony and Music Theory and his works have been performed in China, Germany, Ukraine and the United States.


Special Mention to the score Sublimations by Rubens Alexandre Fonseca.



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