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The Twenty-first Edition of the “2 Agosto” International Composing Competition is hereby announced, promoted by the “Associazione Familiari Vittime della Strage alla Stazione di Bologna del 2 Agosto 1980”, the “Comitato di Solidarietà alle Vittime delle Stragi”, and the Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Bologna. The Competition takes place under the Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic.
  1. The Competition will award the following prizes:
    First Prize: € 5,000
    Second Prize: € 2,500
    Third Prize: € 1,500

    The winning scores will be performed live in Bologna on 2nd August 2015, as one of the commemorative events held in memory of the victims of the massacres.
  2. The Competition is open to musicians of all nationalities, who are not over the age of 40 on June 20, 2015.
  3. The XXI Edition of the International Composing Competition “2 Agosto” is dedicated to scores for narrator (either male or female) and orchestra.  The composer should use a text of their own choice, which can be submitted in their original language. In this case the composer will have to provide the Jury with a translation, either in English or in Italian.
    In any case, the subject of the text will have to be inspired by beliefs and feelings of solidarity and peace.
    Sections of the work could also be realized with the support of high quality digital audio file formats (.aiff or .wav).
    For this purpose competitors should take into account that the orchestra is tuned at 442 Hz.
    Since the aim of this competition is to suggest and stimulate communication between different cultures, the participants are also encouraged to refer to jazz, blues or rock music, or to folk styles and traditions, if they wish to do so.
    Competitors are requested to bear in mind that one of the main aims of the Competition is the open-air performance of the winning scores. Therefore the Jury will not take into consideration those scores that are unsuited to open-air performance, even if through suitable amplification.
  4. Scores sent must not last more than ten minutes.
  5. The maximum instrumentation allowed is the following:
    Three flutes (one can be a piccolo), two oboes (one can be a cor anglais), two clarinets, bass clarinet, two bassoons, four French horns, three trumpets, three trombones (one must be a bass trombone), tuba, timpani, two performers of percussions (small percussions, plates, drums, glockenspiel, xylophone, vibraphone, marimba), harp, and string orchestra.
    Scores for a smaller instrumentation (but neither larger, nor different from the above indications) are allowed. However, in determining the instrumentation, competitors have to consider that the final concert will be an open-air performance.
    Scores may also include the following instruments: electronic keyboards (synthesizers or samplers), electric guitar, and electric bass guitar, drums, as a rhythm section only (that is, without improvisation parts given to these instruments). When electronic keyboards, if any, are used, competitors have to accurately specify the type of timbre to be used.
  6. Scores must be anonymous and must not contain any mark of identification.
    The scores could have been published, but in this case competitors are asked to remove any editorial marks. However, the scores must not have been previously performed. Competitors will have to enclose a personal declaration confirming that the work has never been performed before.
    Applicants are advised to include an audio file with their score, sending it in MP3 format through the ONLINE feature of our website
    The audio file will only represent additional support for the Jury, whose decision will - in any case - be based on the score itself.
    For any further information or requirements, competitors may contact the Competition Secretary’s Office via e-mail at:
  7. The sending of scores and participation in the Competition does not require any subscription fee.
  8. The scores must be sent according to the following ONLINE procedures:
    Through the website, on the section SUBSCRIPTION/PARTICIPATION, competitors will have to fill in the form with their personal data for registration purposes. During this process competitors will be provided with a username and a password in order to access the system and upload their materials at a later stage.
    Within this section competitors will find all the detailed information necessary for their participation in the competition.
  9. Deadline of the on-line application: June 20, 2015 at 12pm GMT.
  10. The commission's judgment cannot be appealed against.
For further information, please contact: Secretary's Office of the International Composing Competition “2 Agosto” E-mail: - website:


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